Pest Control
Pests are widely known to be detrimental to both the building as well as its occupants - termites have the potential to cause major structural damage while flies, mosquitoes, rats and cockroaches introduce external diseases to occupied spaces.

Universal Base is a member of the Pest Control Association of Malaysia (PCAM). We provide cost competitive, comprehensive care across all pest control platforms, and is an approved service provider by the Lembaga Racun Makhluk Perosak (Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia). *License Number PCO/10/650/2019/111
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ*)
* from PCAM website

What are pests?
Pests are living things, which are harmful to humans. But some pests are also called “vectors” because they transmit diseases and cause public health concern.
Why are they pests?
They are pests because they and their presence are responsible for:
• Annoyance
• Contravention of legislations
• Damages
• Diseases
• Fear
• Loss of goodwill

3.  How can I prevent a pest problem?
You must ensure:
• Proper sanitation / housekeeping.
• Correct defective engineering / architectural design to prevent pest entry and harborage.
• Treatment by licensed pest management professionals.
4.  If I notice some pest activity (e.g. rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes and insects), what should I do?
If these are the common vectors (i.e. rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes flies and fleas that are capable of transmitting diseases) you should alert the people who are responsible for managing these pests to have them eliminate quickly and safely, without harming the environment.
If you are responsible for this role and need professional help, contact a reliable pest management company immediately. If these are not vectors and you can live with their presence, please leave them alone. Remember we have to share our planet Earth with other living things.
5.  Are high rise building safe from pests?
Unfortunately, no. Pests are extremely adaptable. Cockroaches, house ants and flying insects are still found in many high-rise apartments & buildings. Mosquitoes have been found in flats 22 storey up; rats have been know to damage wires 30 floors up; and even termites can make their way to the 48 th storey. The way high-rise apartments are built explains how pests can gain access. Boxed –in pipe runs, concealed ducts for service conduits, false ceiling, rubbish chutes and built-in cabinets all provide well-concealed highways for cockroaches, rats, ants and termites.
6.  Do we have to vacate the premises when treatment is carried out?
No, a pest management job is usually a simple procedure. In most cases, you don’t even need to move out all. Only when insecticidal gassing or misting is involved, then it becomes necessary to move out, and that is for just a few hours.